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Singapore look forward to in 2050 accounted for 30% of solar power

Reuters: Singapore's densely populated, lack of natural resources, the Singapore government therefore set out to improve the supply of solar energy, experts are looking forward to 2050, solar energy can supply 30% of the electricity.

Singapore is a country that lacks natural resources, currently 80% of electricity generation relies on natural gas, 18% rely on the fuel for power generation, 2% are from other methods such as burning garbage. Singapore Economic Strategies Committee has recommended in 2010, hoping to 2020, the peak electricity demand by 5% solar and bioenergy and other renewable energy supplies. Singapore government recently issued instructions in energy technology, but also detailed proposed details of solar energy development.

However, to achieve this goal, you need to proceed from both demand and supply, 2012 in Singapore consumes about 42.6TW (TWh) of electricity, energy technology plan in accordance with instructions, to 2050 can not exceed 50TW, but with the population increase, this goal is not easy to reach.

Experts suggest that started from a policy or price, such as increasing the price, or the introduction of policies to allow residents are willing to save energy. Supply side can be three-pronged approach to increase solar panel set up to improve the efficiency of solar power and solar power to reduce the price.