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Karamay Associated Gas Combined Heat and Power Generation

Karamay Associated Gas Combined Heating and Power Project

Case: Xinjiang Oilfield Associated Gas Project(in Construction)

Capacity: 1.5MW

Model: Electricity + Steam

Equipment: Gas Combustion Generator + Waste Heat Boiler

Project Introduction:

The central processing plant is located about 110 kilometers to the southwest of Karamay City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, it is a Class A key plant consists of crude oil processing system, crude oil-gas-H2S processing system, produced water treatment system, plant crude oil heating and warming system, fire-extinguishing system, crude oil transportation and auxiliary system. Average associated gas quantity is 7800m3/d, pressure is 0.18MPa, temperature is 15~22℃, wet gas with high oil content.